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We provide consulation and assessment services in both general clinical and forensic areas, as well as behavioral health consultation and training for agencies

Apex Psychological Services is happy to assist you with your evaluation, psychological testing  and treatment planning. Psychological testing can provide valuable insights into many psychiatric, legal and clinical concerns. Undergoing an evaluation can assist in confirming a diagnosis, evaluating a disability and providing valuable answers to forensic questions.

We also offer behavioral health consultation for wellness professionals and health care agencies. This can involve many components including assessment, training, in house therapeutic support and support for your staff and administration. 

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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

- Sigmund Freud -


About Apex Psychological Services

Apex Psychological Services was founded by Dr. Cynthia Palmisano who has been in private practice and worked in various community settings and correctional settings for over 15 years. She and her colleagues believe strongly in making psychological services accessible, individualized and practically based. As a result, Apex offers a variety of services with various skilled professionals. Apex has a diverse range of consultation and evaluation to meet your needs.


Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Apex Psychological services provides psychological testing for adolescents, and adults. These evaluations can provide you, your providers and clients with diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations. Testing is individually tailored to best match each client’s needs. Areas of evaluation will typically include general psychological functioning and diagnostic clarification, attention concerns, intellectual abilities, trauma and stress assessment and Autism spectrum diagnosis . Dr. Palmisano will gather information from a variety of sources, including parents, schools, and outside providers. The testing report will provide diagnostic clarification, answers to your referral question and practical recommendations for treatment.

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Apex Psychological Services has providers that specialize in working with medical professionals and health care departments. We offer on-site "wellness check-ins" and group training modules in areas such as burnout, resilience, psychological first aid, and trauma and stress reduction. Services can be tailored to meet your agency's needs. Please contact us for more information.


The psychological assessment process allows

for diagnostic clarity and individualized recommendations. We are happy to offer psychological testing for adults, as well as adolescents. Difficulties can often be identified through psychological assessment. This allows for parents, teachers, and therapists to provide intervention and accommodations needed to allow each individual to reach their potential and maximize treatment. Areas commonly evaluated include Attention Deficit Challenges, personality and clinical issues and information for more comprehensive treatment planning.


Forensic assessment is a category of psychological assessment that is used to aid a legal fact finder and is one of the most common applications of psychology to the law. It is prevalent in a variety of legal settings. Common evaluation questions include things like risk evaluation, sex offender evaluation, competency and general recommendations for treatment and sentencing.



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